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Deprecated - API v1 will be switched off on 01.07.2022. Please upgrade to API v2

Who is in

This API gives access to information about users currently present in your club.

List users present in your club alt text

GET Clubs/WhoIsIn

Returns list of users present in club. Only users that agreed to be listed are included. For details see Update existing user, showActivityInClub property.


Name Type Description
clubId long Required. Club identifier. Request returns list of users present in club identified with clubId.


Collection of Users.

Example request

In this example we fetch list of users present in club identified with id = 16

curl -i 
     -X GET 
     -H "Authorization: Bearer  $ACCESS_TOKEN"

Example response

Status: 200 OK
  "elements": [
      "id": 1,
      "firstName": "Jan",
      "lastName": "Nowak",
      "photoUrl": "",
      "sex": "Male",
      "isPresent": true,
      "isDeleted": false,
      "timestamp": 447183
Perfect Gym api