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Deprecated - API v1 will be switched off on 01.07.2022. Please upgrade to API v2

Message details

Message details is detaild representation of single message directed to a user.

Message details properties

Message details holds the same data as Message plus some detailed features of a message. Only message details specyfic properties are described here.

Name Type Description
text string Message text.
status string Message status.
Possible values:
  • Planned
  • InProgress
  • Done
  • Postponed
  • Failed
read bool true if message has been read, false otherwise.
comment string Message comment.
attachments array An array of File objects.

Retrive detailed message information alt text

GET Messages/Message

Returns detailed message informations.


Name Type Description
messageId long Required. Message identifier.

Example request

In this example we fetch message with id = 10252 detailed information.

curl -i 
     -X GET 
     -H "Authorization: Bearer  $ACCESS_TOKEN"       

Example response

Status: 200 OK
  "elements": [
      "text": "Dear club member, you have left your shoes in our club. Please collect it at a reception desk.",
      "status": "Planned",
      "read": false,
      "comment": "",
      "title": "Shoes",
      "id": 10252,
      "timestamp": 692590,
      "isDeleted": false,
      "attachments": [
          "id": 10358,
          "name": "file.pdf"
Perfect Gym api