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Perfect Gym api
Deprecated - API v1 will be switched off on 01.07.2022. Please upgrade to API v2


User is a summary representation of single club member in your gym.

User properties

User is described by the following properties

Name Type Description
id long Unique identifier of user.
timestamp long Timestamp. Indicates when resource was last modified.
firstName string User first name.
lastName string User last name.
photoUrl string User photo URL.
coverPhotoUrl string Cover photo URL.
presentInClub bool true if user is currently present in club, false otherwise.
sex string User sex.
Possible values:
  • Male
  • Female
isDeleted bool Indicates if resource is deleted.

Get users list alt text

Get Users/Users

Returns paginated list of users.


Name Type Description
clubId long Club identifier.
created long Filter results by user created date.
updated long Filter results by user last modified date.
page long Result page - defaults to 1.

Example request

In this example we get all users from club with id 21 .

curl -i 
     -X GET 
     -H "Authorization: Bearer  $ACCESS_TOKEN"

Example response

Status: 200 OK
  "elements": [
      "id": 10,
      "birthDate": "2000-10-01T00:00:00",
      "contracts": [
          "endDate": "2018-03-30T23:59:59",
          "isActive": "True",
          "isAdditionalContract": "False",
          "paymentPlanId": 16861,
          "paymentPlanName": "LIFESTYLE GYM 99",
          "startDate": "2018-01-20T00:00:00"
          "addons": [
              "clubServiceType": "DrinkingMachine",
              "description": "Water service",
              "endDate": "2018-03-30T23:59:59",
              "isActive": "True",
              "name": "Test",
              "startDate": "2018-01-09T00:00:00"
          "endDate": "2018-03-30T23:59:59",
          "isActive": "True",
          "isAdditionalContract": "True",
          "paymentPlanId": 5006,
          "paymentPlanName": "CHANGE YOUR LIFE_13 PT Membership_2000_xyz",
          "startDate": "2018-01-20T00:00:00"
      "coverPhotoUrl": "null",
      "created": "2017-12-21T09:47:01",
      "updated": "2017-12-22T09:40:00",
      "email": "",
      "firstName": "John",
      "lastName": "Fibo",
      "number": "002023500",
      "homeClubId": 1,
      "personalId": "null",
      "isAccepted": "True",
      "isActive": "True",
      "isDeleted": "True",
      "phoneNumber": "654444444",
      "photoUrl": "https://pure/Api/Files/UserPhoto/sYew224q$$2fyc$$3d?=635670411821628066",
      "sex": "Male",
      "timestamp": 495037225
Perfect Gym api