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Freeze types

Freeze type is a summary representation of contract freeze parameters.

Freeze type properties

Freeze type is described by the following properties

Name Type Description
id long Unique identifier of freeze type.
name string Freeze type name.
isActive bool true if freeze type is active, false otherwise.
freezePeriod string Freeze period.
Possible values:
  • Day
  • Month
minimumInterval int Minimum time interval freeze has to last (in units represented with freezePeriod).
maximumIntarval int Maximum time interval freeze can last (in units represented with freezePeriod).
fixedFee decimal Freeze fixed fee.
administrationFee decimal Freeze administration fee.
isDeleted bool Indicates if resource is deleted.
timestamp long Timestamp. Indicates when resource was last modified.

List available freeze types for given contract alt text

GET Contracts/FreezeTypes

Returns list of available freeze types.


Name Type Description
contractId long Required. Contract identifier. Request returns freeze types available for contract identified with conractId parameter..

Example request

In this example we fetch all available freeze types.

curl -i 
     -X GET 
     -H "Authorization: Bearer  $ACCESS_TOKEN" 

Example response

Status: 200 OK
  "elements": [
      "name": "Daily Freeze",
      "isActive": true,
      "isSystem": false,
      "fixedFee": 1,
      "administrationFee": 25,
      "freezePeriod": "Day",
      "id": 7,
      "timestamp": 0
      "name": "Monthly Freeze",
      "isActive": true,
      "isSystem": false,
      "fixedFee": 1,
      "administrationFee": 20,
      "freezePeriod": "Month",
      "id": 6,
      "timestamp": 0
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